What games do you support?

Aura Spoofer supports all games and anti-cheats.

Do you offer trials?

We cannot offer trials since the serials change permanently.

Does it permanently spoof my HWID (Hardware ID)?

Yes, HWID Serials change permanently. Each restart creates different serials (optional) or serials will be the same on each restart, but you can change them whenever you want.

Is an HWID Spoofer a must when playing with hacks?

Yes, HWID Spoofer protects your real serials and displays spoofed serials to the game. Thus your real serials are never banned.

What does kernel driver mean?

This spoofer utilizes a kernel-mode ring0 driver that operates on the most privileged protection ring in your OS, meaning it will never be detected unless the anti-cheat aggressively operates/scans on a kernel/ring0 level which EAC and BattlEye don’t. Anti-cheats like Vanguard (Valorant)/ESEA/FACEIT that aggressively scan kernel are considered to be invasive and cause privacy and security concerns.

How do you give a “NEVER WILL BE DETECTED” guarantee?

Since we make a special kernel driver for each customer, it is never detected. Each customer’s driver is changed every 7 days and guaranteed to never be banned.

Can I get a refund?

After purchasing the Spoofer, you are entitled to a refund within the next 30 days. If there is a problem that our support team cannot solve at the end of 30 days, you can get a refund.

Will I experience poor performance?

No, your computer runs at its old speed, only your HWID changes.

Why do you only sell LIFETIME?

Our price is very low compared to the degree of service. That’s why we don’t sell subscriptions and we only sell LIFETIME.

Do you have a re-sell service?

For information on re-sell, please contact our support team.

Could cheats be detected?

Cheats can, of course, be detected. We give no guarantee for cheats. When they are detected; your times will be frozen, the cheat will be updated within 0 to 24 hours, and your time during the update process will be returned to you.